Midwifery Team

At The Village Midwife, we believe in apprenticeship training and we work as a team.

Our team is made of exceptional people, who have the same beliefs and ideas about the birthing process; it is a normal, natural and safe journey.

You may see different faces from time to time in our office, because we offer internships for student midwives, doulas in training, others interested in the CPM certification and we also Precept the OB portion of Nurse Practitioner training for 8 universities. However, it is our core team that will follow you throughout your journey. Our core team includes:

Keila Thurmond, Student Midwife

Kia Conroy, Student MidwifeKia Conroy
My name is Kia Conroy and I am a student midwife, just beginning phase 2. I have been married for 7 years to my wonderful, supportive husband and we have 2 sons and a fur baby together. I was born in Bronx, NY and moved to Newport News at the age of 3. I graduated from Warwick High School in 2008 with an advanced diploma.

I have been excited and interested about everything birth related since the birth of my own 2 children. After giving birth to my oldest, I began doing more research and gathering information and discovering options I was not given. With the birth of my second son, I was more informed and felt more confident in all the decisions that were made.

I began my training as a doula through DONA in 2021. After attending a few births as a doula, I knew I wanted to further my studies to become a midwife. My own birth experiences gave me a deep passion in insuring that birthing people, especially those of color, are educated and offered the same opportunities.

Jannie Credle, Student Midwife

Dani Wright, Student Midwife

Midwifery Team