Standard Homebirth Package


The Village Midwife offers a standard homebirth package listed below. 

The Standard Homebirth Package includes:

~ Unlimited Office Appointments
~ 5 Weeks of 24/7 Call Time (when the team is on call for your labor)
~ Immediate Postpartum Care
~ Immediate Newborn Exam
~ Breastfeeding Advice and Support by Certified Lactation Consultants
~ Birth Tub
~ Most Supplies
~ Childbirth Education Class
~ Postpartum Homevisit
~ Unlimited Contact via Phone, E-Mail, and Text
~ Filing Of Birth Certificate and Social Security Card for Baby!

Extra Costs Not Included in Standard Package:
Waivers are available for tests you choose to decline after careful consideration.
~ Lab Work
~ Ultrasound
~ Personal Preference Birth Supplies
~ Birthing Tub Liner and Adapter if needed
~ State Mandated Tests for Baby
~ Physician/Hospital/Ambulance Fees if Transport is Necessary
~ Supplements (iron, evening primrose oil, red raspberry and such)
~ Placenta Encapsulation

When your contractions begin or your bag of water releases you should contact us.

During early labor you might want to have a doula (ask us for the list of doulas we recommend) to help you or you may choose to have private time with your partner or family (and just keep in touch with us as things progress). We require that all clients have previously had an unmedicated birth, have taken an approved Childbirth class or hire a doula.

You may have anyone you desire at your birth, including siblings, friends, and family. We encourage you or your partner to be the one to “catch” the baby.

Once the baby is born, he or she goes directly into Mom’s arms. There is usually no rush to clamp or cut the umbilical cord.

We’ll help mother and baby with initial breastfeeding and give your family time to bond.

After the birth, we make sure you have something to eat, examine you and the baby, and assist in the clean up process. We stay as long as is needed after the birth (at least 2 hours) to be certain both mother and baby are stable.

We’ll explain what to expect after birth and are available 24 hours a day to address any concerns that may arise. We will file the paperwork for your child’s birth certificate and Social Security Number.

 Jeni Rector, LM, CPM offers Virginia Medicaid services. Payment plans are available. Major credit cards are accepted.